No matter if man or woman: The profile picture should produce a “wow”

With online dating you see a lot of people every day. Anyone who does not convince directly with the photo will be lost. How best to stage and what you should not do, you will learn here. Clearly different standards are set for men and women when it comes to assessing the photo. While selfies by women tend to be well received, selfies by men tend to be judged negatively. But there are some criteria that are the same for both genders. If you use tips for the ideal pictures in your Russian dating ad, you will come a lot closer to the happiness of love.

Dress appropriately

Clothes make people much more attractive. However, your clothes say a lot about you. Do you dress sporty, elegant, fashionable, alternative, casual or business type?For women, almost everything is allowed here whether sweater, dress, jeans, T-shirt and even the colors do not matter. Dresses and high heels are very feminine and sexy and a full body shot is anyway good. If women find something attractive then these are the men who can dress well. So choose to take suit photos. If you do not wear a suit professionally you may still find a photo of a wedding or similar.

Set yourself in the right place

Women should especially make sure in selfies that the room is tidy. Even though it may be secondary to men hardly anyone wants a partner who keeps the unwelcome order.Men should please take photos outside. Women like active men who like to be out in nature or at least outside. No living room photos in front of the couch with self-timer. The background should not be overloaded after all it’s about you.

Pay attention to your expression

The nicest thing that a woman can wear is the smile. But it is also true for men, smiling women are perceived as open and smiling men also have a charming effect. Women also pay attention to how hygienic a man is, teeth are a good indicator of body care. If you do not want to show your teeth, you should still pay attention to bring a positive emotion over.

Conclusion: Surround yourself with the right people

As a woman you should prefer to pose on most photos alone especially if you want to spare yourself questions about the good looking girlfriends. For men if this is a group photo then it must be clear who you are. So upload individual photos of you as well. Group photos are generally well received, showing that you have friends and are well socialized. If your friends look far better than the positive group the effect will diminish again. Women definitely put men in contrast to their friends.

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