How erotic games add extra feelings to your relationship?

What happens when the board games become a couple? The game moves from the living room to the bedroom and you always win because these hot games are perfect for creating spicy and fun foreplay. To rekindle the passion or simply experience new dimensions of pleasure, erotic games can be an effective and light solution. Play them in for free and there you can get various types of erotic games which will give your mood a helping hand.


The Twister has always been a game with a good dose of physical contact, so much so that already in the classic version promises plot that prelude to other more exciting. If you already have it, pull it out of the closet and try to play in the room from bed with soft lights and maybe wearing only the lingerie, or stripping a little at a time as penitence. These challenges for 2 are aimed to keep the last player in balance on the board, after the opponents have been eliminated. At the beginning of the game the moves are very simple but gradually the situation becomes complicated, the intertwining of arms and legs become more and more intricate and fatally someone will lose balance, falling on the board or supporting a part of the body other than hands and walk on you.

Sexy dice

The sexy dice are a great classic of erotic games: on one die are 6 parts of the body, on the other 6 actions the combinations will create unusual foreplay and will allow you to try new sensations. You can buy them in any sexy shop but you can also buy them conveniently online. If you love the preliminaries to warm up the environment before going to the point, it is advised you to do two or three launches. In short, an erotic game that entertains everyone has no losers and especially fits all pockets.


Lust is a very sensual game that creates an ad hoc path to every game that will take you to make love each time in a different way. It provides over 30,000 combinations. Try to develop erotic routes as if they were a treasure hunt through the 5 senses. And do not forget the 6th, the imagination. It is a game that allows you to explore both the romantic and the physical version of your partner.

Conclusion: Monogamy

Monogamy is a real board game. Turn down the lights, turn on a sensual music and turn off the phones because what promises to be a really exciting game, in which you’ll have to face many new erotic challenges and with orgasm as a goal. It is available online in many versions anddiscovers the one that’s right for you.

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