Having A Storegasm

Do you have anything that you are kind of addicted to but do not indulge in? I do not mean a real addiciton like being an alcoholic or an addiction to cocaine, amphetamines or heroin, I mean like sticky buns, fancy cars, cocker spaniels or, in the case of a very close friend of mine – shopping for clothes. She really loves shopping. Owning, buying and wearing them is nice too. But mainly she enjoys the process of shopping. Window shopping, trying clothes on, getting in and out of the changing rooms and trying stuff on, all of it. I went out with her to the Trafford Centre in Manchester yesterday and watching my friend was pretty much like watching a semi sexual experience. The highlight was watching her in Selfridges. I basically watched my friend have a storegasm.

Now looking good is a very important part of her life and job. She is a very good looking woman and has an oustanding body. She spends a lot of time money and effort working on her fitness and the way her body looks. Since she makes her living as one of the sexiest Malaga escorts it is obviously vitally important that she looks hot both clothed and unclothed. But aside from professional concerns she also wants to look good for herself. It is, in her caes, a truism that she does not dress for others, she dresses for herself. Which is a little weird when you think about what she does for a living, but is is true none the less. Many women say that they dress for themselves and not for men but do not mean it as they are actually on the hunt. But my friend has all the men she can handle! So she dresses for the way it makes her feel about herself.

She started with the make up department to make sure that her palette is up to date and to pick up a couple of new lipsticks. Then on to the lingerie department – which meant two lots of viewing and selection – one for work which basically meant barely there are made entirely of lace or sheer fabric, and one for private life, which meant comfortable and cotton for the gym where she spends so many hours. Obvious, really when you think of it. Many hours of shopping based fun and games lay ahead.

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