10 Smart Tips To Promote Your Body-Rub Services!

People, especially men, love body rubs. What can be more pleasing and enticing than an oil massage within the comfort of one’s home? Expectedly, masseuses offering body rubs, adult massages and related services are always in demand, and with a bunch of services around, promoting your work can be confusing and hard. In this post, we bring 10 tips to promote your services as an adult masseuse.

  • Go online. Erotic massages aren’t undercover anymore. People want such services all the time, and you have no reasons to shy away. Make sure that you have an online profile, and get all the details in place.
  • Select the right website. Find websites like www.escorts2.com/body-rubs that specifically promote body rubs and oil massages. These portals are incredibly good and can offer incredible exposure for your services.
  • Offer more than body rubs. Ladies and masseuses who offer adult services with happy endings are in great demand for obvious reasons. If you do offer something of that, don’t step back from sharing the details and be ready to experiment. Knowing oil massages also comes in handy.

  • Be location specific. People search for body rubs and adult services by location, so using location related keywords always help. Make sure that you have used online tools to get the keywords right.
  • Be creative. “Young, fun-loving girl in no rush. Get a soothing body rub after a tiring day at work. Home or my place – You choose!”. Sounds interesting? You have to be creative with the ads you post, regardless of the website.
  • Select a real image. More often than not, people don’t click an ad or a service, simply because the image doesn’t seem like a real one. You are a real person, and a good client would want to see you. Get a portfolio done and select the best image for every ad.
  • Share what you really offer. Adult massages and body rubs don’t necessarily have a happy ending, so be sure of what you advertise. If you don’t offer something that’s mentioned in the ad, you will have more unhappy clients.

Finally, be regular. Make sure that your ads are relatable, updated and have the required information. If the words used rightly, you can sound like a masseuse that every man wants. Experiment, promote and keep doing your best – This is a niche client, and yet, you will have the exposure that’s required to take your services ahead.

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